College Guidance

The College Guidance program at Loyola School recognizes, above all, the distinct qualities and talents of every student in our school community. Our mission, in partnership with students and their families, is to identify the colleges and universities that will most appropriately meet the academic, social, environmental, and spiritual needs of our students while nurturing their intellectual and personal gifts. The program is, first and foremost, relationship-based. Through early college planning initiatives and events for ninth and tenth grade students, regularly scheduled college guidance classes for juniors and seniors, and consistent student interaction with the Director of College Guidance throughout the high school years, close student-counselor familiarity is realized. This relationship fosters the dissemination of vital, age-appropriate college planning information, promotes the pursuit of a student’s proper academic and extracurricular choices, and, ultimately, leads to the personal and professional advocacy of each candidate during the application process in senior year.