Academically Excellent

Isaac Cohen ’98, who went on to Swarthmore College and is currently enrolled in the School of Management at Yale University, raves about the academics of Loyola School, which prepared him well for the rigors of higher education and the work world.

Tom Kelly, parent of Thomas Kelly ’08, says that “Loyola School and the Jesuit tradition will train you for the real world. You will be ready for the business, academic, medical, or any other field.”

Elizabeth Pettiti ’09 says that “while the academics are rigorous, the teachers are incredibly available and supportive if you need additional help, and I really appreciate that classes are small and teachers present material in a clear, precise way.”

Angela Li-A-Ping, parent of Janelle Li-A-Ping ’09, attributes her daughter’s academic performance in part to the small classes and the availability of the teachers who work one-on-one with students as needed.

Mathew Cullen ’07 says, “I credit Loyola School with providing me with the tools to be accepted into NYU’s Stern School of Business, which I will begin next fall.”