Walking Tour of Manhattan

On October 15th the junior class and five faculty chaperons embarked on a walking tour of lower Manhattan with a special visit to the World Trade Center site and the 9/11 museum. The students exited the subway at City Hall/Brooklyn Bridge. It was a beautiful sunny fall day that afforded the students a spectacular view of the majestic Brooklyn Bridge. We saw the dual history of New York emblazoned on the Municipal Building (New York and New Amsterdam). We walked past City Hall and the “Tweed Court House” now the headquarters of the New City Board of Education. Then it was on to St. Paul’s Chapel, where President Washington worshiped when New York City was the nations Capitol. St. Paul’s was also a staging ground for the First Responders who sought survivors from the collapse of the “Twin Towers.” We proceeded on to Zuccotti Pack, the site of the “Occupy Wall Street Movement” and then on to Trinity Church where we enjoyed a rehearsal of the Trinity Orchestra. We moved west to Federal Hall, the site of George Washington’s inauguration and a brief viewing of the New York Stock Exchange. The students enjoyed their visit to Bowling Green Park and having their picture taken on the Wall Street Bull on Broadway. The high point of the day was the visit to the 9/11 museum. At the end of the day the junior class was tired but enjoyed their walk through New York’s history both past and present.

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—Posted: October 23, 2015