Spanish Service Trip

Friday, December 2nd, Megan Clarke and Frances Buckley-Lawson led a group of Spanish 2 students to the New York Common Pantry to use their Spanish skills in service to others.

Sophomore Yihao Wang reflected on the experience: “On this trip, I thought it was a wonderful experience overall as it allowed us to not only give back to the community and help the hungry, but also use our foreign language skills learned in class. Also, it was very great how we got to communicate directly with native speakers and learn from them.”  Isabelle McNamara, ‘19, added: “It was a new and great experience in service for me. I have helped at the NY Common Pantry before, but never in the actual pantry. It was also really interesting to be able to use Spanish with people, and to actually see how much I know. I hope to do an event like this again.”  According to Ian Wareham, ‘19, “Completing Christian Service events are always enjoyable, but using our Spanish skills at New York Common Pantry allowed us to connect and relate to the people who we served on a whole other level. Breaking down the language barrier transformed them from just homeless/less fortunate to people just like us. It was an incredible experience.”  We hope to continue in this partnership.

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—Posted: December 13, 2016