New York Common Pantry

Megan Clarke and Matt Windels led a group of freshmen and sophomores to the New York Common Pantry Wednesday to use their Spanish skills in service others.

Aidan Henegar, ‘19, reflected on his experience.  “Serving at the New York Common Pantry in Harlem was one of the best experiences I’ve had at Loyola. The most meaningful part of this trip was talking to other people in Spanish and helping them order their groceries. I loved being able to communicate with people in another language for a greater cause. This service trip showed me that you don’t have to travel to another country or even another city to make a global impact on other people. It opened my eyes to see the experiences of people less fortunate than myself. Another aspect of this trip that I enjoyed was talking to my classmates about their conversations with the guests. Our trip to the New York Common Pantry in Harlem was a great bonding experience for our Spanish class and a fantastic opportunity for me to use my Spanish skills to serve others.”

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—Posted: November 17, 2016