Great Ignatian Challenge

During the month leading up to Thanksgiving, Loyola School, Fordham Prep, Regis High School, St. Peter’s Prep, and Xavier High School competed in a friendly but spirited competition called The Great Ignatian Challenge. Jim Rowen, a 1982 graduate of Fordham Prep, was inspired by the schools’ existing food drives, and pledged up to $250,000 in tuition assistance to be divided among the schools. The gift would be distributed based on the amount of food collected per student.

Overall, amazingly, the five local Jesuit schools collected 101,196 food items for those in need, totaling 88,546 pounds! The average person in our world eats about 4 pounds of food per day (5.5 in the US), so the combined donation would possibly feed 22,000 people in a day or 1,000 people for 22 days.

So, how did we do? At 52.7 items per student, Loyola School won The Great Ignatian Challenge and was awarded $81,216!

We are incredibly proud of the goodwill shown by the Loyola student body, and offer special thanks to Ms. Joann Kusk, Ms. Sam Hanley, and Mr. Ed Knapp for the extra effort they directed toward the challenge.

Please click here to view a special thank video for Mr. Rowen, prepared by students from each of the five participating Jesuit schools.

—Posted: January 8, 2017